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                           BUILDING A BETTER LIFE PROGRAM (BBL)

   The Building a Better Life (BBL) Program aims to educate family members to develop basic                  knowledge and skills necessary to successfully integrate mainstream into society becoming positive      contributing members .
   The programs are offered free of charge to resident families of the In The Pines Community:
   1. Language Literacy: focuses on adult literacy workshops, English improvement classes, and                     coaching on obtaining a GED
   2. Financial Literacy:  focuses on teaching budgeting, money management, savings, and home                  ownership planning.

   3. Workforce Readiness: helps participants with resume writing workshops, employment search              tips, and professional learning resources

   4. Civic Engagement: teaches basics of civic engagement such as jury duty, voter registration,                    volunteering, and how to access legal services


   5. Home Care: teaches basics of home maintenance and provides cleaning supplies in order to                  ensure that the apartments and town-homes are well-maintained

   6. Healthcare, Nutrition, Exercise, and Childhood Obesity Prevention: offers workshops on family-       centered strategies to develop healthy lifestyles and prevent childhood obesity.

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