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Established in 1978, In the Pines, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was formed with a vision of providing safe, clean, and affordable housing to local workforce families. Later that year, the organization acquired a 40-unit housing complex in Delray Beach, Florida.

Since transitioning fully to a non-profit status in 1979, In The Pines has collaborated with other local organizations to further expand its housing efforts. Currently, In The Pines offers affordable housing at its South and North sites with capacity for up to 70 families.

More recently, In The Pines has added sustainability to its vision by becoming a LEED Platinum Level accredited private nonprofit housing organization by exceeding environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building standards in its North facility.

In The Pines has also expanded its mission by providing family education programs, which are key in ensuring integration of workforce families into American culture. In The Pines aims for families to become self-sufficient in the path towards eventual home ownership.

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